In Matthew 16:18b.   our Lord Jesus told His disciples “… I will build My church…”


In our consumer culture, we are constantly faced with many options as we make a selection about almost anything.


Walk down the cereal aisle to see what I mean.  You have hundreds of options, with more being added all the time, for your breakfast meal.


Our basic nature loves the control we have through shopping.


The consumerist  urge  extends into our church as well.  I cringe when I hear someone say they are “shopping” for a church home.


No,  Jesus  said  He  places  true Christians in His true church as He wills. We  are  not  consumers,  but  servants, added to a local body as the Lord directs.


The Holy  Spirit  confirms  Jesus’ selection with your spirit.  As servants, we release all control = and = “shopping” to the Lord.


EXPECT the Lord to move for His glory in our service this week!

Our Lord’s servant, Pastor Terrell Boyd