Have you ever turned on a table lamp on to find it doesn’t work?  You’re left in the dark. So you tap the bulb. Nothing, You shake the lamp a bit harder. Still nothing. But when you put the light bulb in a different lamp, it work!  So there’s nothing wrong with the bulb and there’s  nothing  wrong  with  the electricity.


The lamp itself must be broken. “Hey, I’m no dummy,” You say to yourself. “I can fix this.” Ha! I’ll unplug it do I won’t die!” But when you reach for the cord, you find it has been unplugged all the while!  Groan.


Everything  worked.  The bulb was good,  the  lamp  worked  fine,  and  the  power  was  on. But  the  cord  wasn’t  attached  to  the  source  of  electricity.  No power could flow into the lamp.


There’s  a  lesson  to  be  learned  here. You may look good, you may sound fine, but  unless  you’re  attached  to  Almighty God  by  a  relationship  with  Jesus,  you’ve got absolutely  no  power  for  life!


ER-  I guess  you  could  be  called  a  dim  bulb.


Draw close to God in prayer and Bible study.