“Go…and make disciples…”  Our Lord Jesus.   Matthew 28:19 (NKJ)


The words translated “make disciples” here (and “teach” in other some other translations) “means not only to learn but to become attached to one’s teacher and to become his follower in doctrine and conduct.”  (Zodhiates,  Lexical Aids to the New Testament)


In other words, our goal is to walk, and talk, and think, and live like Jesus.


Our challenge as receivers of the salvation that Christ offers is to become disciples. Once our mind is opened to the truth of Christ, our lives should be altered accordingly.


Our challenge as the church of our Lord is to create an environment that fosters the birth and growth of true discipleship.


Are you a true disciple of Christ?  Has He made a radical difference in your life?


If your answer is yes, then: how are you living out His command in the verse above?  Jesus commanded all disciples to “make disciples.”


My prayer and desire is to see our church grow as a community where every disciple of Christ is involved in making disciples of Christ.


Come to Lakewood Baptist Church this Sunday and expect to see people saved and lives restored by the power of the Holy Spirit!


Our Lord’s servant, Pastor Terrell