As your Evangelism and Outreach Director, please let me remind you of the continuous importance  of  using some  methods of evangelism  and  outreach even during the pandemic.


We  don’t  know  what the future holds.  However, we do know that we are charged to work until Jesus returns.  We must continue to tell people about Him and His saving grace.


People  are  hurting  as never before.  The timing  is  perfect  for  prayer  and encouragement.  Our job is to be faithful, not successful.  God will do the rest.


Please allow me to share some methods of evangelizing,  of course you may have your own methods,  but these are just a few as well:

1.Daily add five (5) people or circumstances / situations to your prayer list.

2.Write five (5) notes to any church member once a month.  (e-mail or text)

3.In you notes invite others outside of church membership to join our Lakewood2020 live stream on Sundays at 10:30 am.


Beginning Sunday February 7, 2021, The Evangelism And Outreach Team will begin a new program. We call it:  The Prayer Works Program.   The concept of this program is to revive our evangelism and outreach efforts and connect to our community and at the same time involve the whole church in this program.


All details will be spoken about on Sunday, February 7, 2021 at the 10:30 am Worship Service. You also can hear it on our you tube page, Lakewood Baptist Church Huntsville, Alabama. Let’s all get involved in this program to reach our community as well as church members.


God’s sovereign  power  and  glory  shine brighter when we are weak and life seems out of control.  Let’s  listen  to  God’s  call to Lakewood  to continue  to  grow,  to  be equipped and share the Gospel.


Feel free to contact Charlie Miller at 256-797-8187 or Debbie Medley at 256-652-9904 for more information.


Church  be  safe  and  be  well  in  the  name  of  Jesus.


Bro Charlie Miller, Director      Evangelism & Outreach