As your Evangelism and Outreach Director, please let me remind you of the continuous importance  of  using some methods of evangelism and outreach even during the 2023 year..


We  don’t  know  what the future holds.  However, we do know that we are charged to work until Jesus returns.  We must continue to tell people about Him and His saving grace.


People  are  hurting  as never before.  The timing  is  perfect  for  prayer  and encouragement.  Our job is to be faithful, not successful.  God will do the rest.


January is the beginning of a New Year and a great opportunity to find our place in reaching people for the sake of the gospel.

  1. Send a note to members, names and addresses are in the church directory.
  2. Email those with email addresses.
  3. Text those with telephone numbers listed. The idea is to offer  words  of  encouragement during these difficult times.



Who does God say you are?

God says He saved us and called us for His purpose. Both Paul and Timothy had been saved and were given a calling to serve others in ministry. It starts in each of us with Evangelism and Outreach. Why?

1 Christ commands it (Matthew 28:18-20).

2 Salvation is encouraged through evangelism.

3 Church growth comes from evangelism and outreach.



Bro Charlie Miller, Director      Evangelism & Outreach