May 29,2021  8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Cost: $25.00 for workbook

This is an in-person seminar at your church.

Register on-line by May 23


See Pastor Terrell if you need help registering


Seminar Overview:  Jesus recognized that the people He encountered were at different stages of growth  and  development,  and He worked to challenge each of them to the next level. In the 4 Chair Discipling Seminar,  you’ll get a clear and simple  picture  of  how  to  follow  in  Jesus’ footsteps and do the same thing.


Who  then  should  attend  the  4  Chair  Discipling Seminar?  Anyone  who  you  want  to  see  challenged to be a disciple who makes disciples!


During  the  4  Chair  Discipling  Seminar,  we will answer the following questions:

*What is a disciple?  Who is the model for being a disciple?

*What  is  a  disciple’s  mission?  What  is  a  disciple’s motivation?

*What is the process of becoming a disciple who makes disciple?

*Where  am  I  in  the disciple-making  process?  What are my next steps?


Included in the 4 Chair Discipling Seminar:

*A fresh look at Jesus as our model for being a disciple who makes disciples.

*A simple understanding of what we need to  know  and  do  to  grow  to  be  like  Jesus  in  our character and priorities.

*A simple understanding of what we need to know and do to become fishers of men.

*A simple understanding  of  the  barriers  that keep us from moving to the next chair and how we experience breakthrough.


I urge each of you to attend this life-changing training.  Become  a  disciple  who  makes  disciples who make disciples!

Our Lord’s servant, Bro. Terrell