You are invited to attend two new classes of a new Bible Study group at Lakewood Baptist Church.

The first class is for Young Adults called The Kyrios Class: This group will be exclusively for young adults . You will be meeting with other young adults who share the same dreams, difficulties, and fears that you may have in today’s world.

While you are meeting with other young adults, we provide child care in age-appropriate classes led by Godly teachers who will love them and teach them about Jesus and the Bible.

The Kyrios Class will meet every Sunday morning at 9:15 am upstairs and will be taught by James and Elise Brenton.


Then our second class is for any internationals called The Faith International Class: This class is for anyone who desire is to learn God’s word and the English language. This The Faith International Class will be taught by Ms. Sue Geron and will meet in the prayer room each Sunday morning @ 9:15 am.