Sunday School begins @ 9:15 am each Sunday morning. Sunday School is important in the spiritual development of Christians. It is important because it provides additional opportunities to understand the Bible more and to be obedient to God.  A time for visitors, new attendees and other church members can get to know one another better in a more comfortable environment. It provides new friendships,  a support group for each individual, a way of  holding one another accountable in our everyday lives and our walk with Jesus.  A place where the entire family can come to study God’s word in many different ways. We provide a class for all ages and preferences.

Sunday School has it all … Sunday School is the friend of childhood,the inspiration of youth, the strength of middle life and the comfort of declining years. Sunday School has God’s day for it’s time, God’s book for its text and God’s glory for its aim. Sunday School builds character, instructs the mind, warms the heart, encourages the fainthearted, sheilds the tempted and points the way of life to all.

Sunday School Director Ms. Debbie Medley

Bed Babies


1st – 3rd Grade

4th – 6th Grade

Youth Class 7th – 12th Grade

The Genesis Class

The Friendship Class

The Hunt Class

The McMillian Class