School is back in session!  We are beginning a new year of growing and learning. I am sure your social media is full of pictures of little smiling faces with their giant backpacks; photos that parents snapped right before they dashed out the door to begin their new adventure.

As parents, we make sure our children have all the supplies they need for a successful school year:  notebooks, crayons, and new shoes are purchased. Outfits are laid out the night before, lunches are packed, and hugs are given. All this done to show that we are dedicated to our children and their academic futures. All these tools are greatly valued and will help our children out this new year,  but we often forget the greatest tool, prayer.

Bringing our young students, their teachers, and peers before the throne of God is the most essential thing we can give them this school year. Even if you do not currently have a child in school, you can still pray for the students and teachers in your community. I have provided a list of ways you can pray over your child’s school this year:

*Pray that your child is protected from evil.

*Pray that your child shows Jesus’ love to his or her classmates and teachers.

*Pray that your child receives the rest they need each night to have a productive day at school.

*Pray for child’s teachers and that they will have a blessed year.

*Pray for your child’s bus driver, lunch lady, principal, anyone who has an impact on your child’s day.

*Pray that the 2019-2020 school year will make a ripple in your child’s eternity.


I am praying for you and your student as we begin this new school year. I hope it’s the best one yet!

Elise Brenton